Artist Statement

Every painting is something of an adventure, a small journey into territory that is both familiar and strange, the final destination unknown at the start. Most of my paintings begin in response to things that intrigue or delight me: the colors and forms of fruits and vegetables; kitchen utensils, fabrics, and pots; the sights, scents and sounds of a walk outside; or the shape-shifting of clouds across the sky. Sometimes my starting point is simply the paint itself and a process of exploration and playing with layering, scraping, making marks, moving paint around until I sense where I’m going or decide that the paint and I have “arrived somewhere.”

People often comment that my paintings are “happy.” While I do not set out to make “happy paintings,” painting is for me largely a celebratory act– using the sensory language of paint to express my curiosity, fascination, and gratitude for life, the natural world, and color!